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Waterford Crystal by Diane2000
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03/31/01 2:15 AM

Waterford Crystal

Hi Michele, My trip is in just a few weeks and despite the hoof and mouth problem I am really looking forward to the trip. I have been looking at your messages about it and reading the different links you posted. Thank you for that!

My question has to do with whether Waterford Crystal is any cheaper to buy in Ireland than the states? I'm not thinking of any big purchases just little gifts like maybe a paperweight or small picture frames or vases. I would appreciate your opinion. Can't wait to hit those shops! Diane

03/31/01 6:58 AM

RE: Waterford Crystal

Hi Diane!
I travel over to Ireland quite a bit and my wife asked me to pick up some Waterford on this last trip. She took me over to our local "Macys" and showed me the piece and said "buy this exact one when you get to Ireland". So I took a picture in my mind and went to a large gift shop in Kilkenny and found the piece. It was exactly $2.00 cheaper than the one we saw at Macys back in the states. I skipped the purchase as I would have to lug the thing from Ireland back to the States (HEAVY). Also..these things are made of lead and set off the magnitometers at airport security. So I went back to Macys and bought it. The response from my wife was "but it's not from Ireland". Can't win. Fly-High

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03/31/01 7:08 PM

RE: Waterford Crystal

Hi Diane,

I'm glad you're not letting anything put your trip off. I've had two clients that recently returned from Ireland and enjoyed it despite some restrictions. One of them is planning another trip at a later date. At least none of the shops are closed!

You can save on Waterford in Ireland. For instance I bought some of those picture frames (tiny ones) that you mentioned and saved about 40%. So it really depends on exactly what you're buying. What bumps the price up is having to ship it to your home, but since you're buying small items you might pack them in your tote bag and carry them back yourself (don't put it in checked luggage or it might arrive in tiny pieces). But as Fly-High mentioned be prepared for a baggage search. The crystal has such a high lead content that the X-ray machines at the airports cannot see through it. Put all your crystal in one bag instead of a couple so that only one bag has to be searched (this does take a little time).

If you can get to the Waterford Factory they have a huge showroom with many different pieces for sale. Otherwise just shop as you go and if you find something very appealing get it when you see it. Be sure to collect your VAT forms so that you get the tax back on each item.

As Fly-High learned sometimes the prices are not that great for crystal in Ireland and it really depends on the shop you are in and the item you are looking for. You might follow his advice and go to your local department store before your departure and make note of prices for items you are interested in. Then you will really have comparison shopped and will know if you are getting a bargain or not. I'm still kicking myself for not buying a Waterford lamp that was on sale at Bunratty Village Mills.

Fly-High: You didn't have to tell your wife you purchased it at Macy's!! Also, it might have been less if you considered deducting the VAT. And it really was from Ireland, it just took an indirect route to your wife's china cabinet.

Have fun shopping!

Happy travels,


04/05/01 7:27 PM

RE: Waterford Crystal

Michele, I've been "anticipation shopping"!! Thanks to you and Fly high I've gone to a couple of department stores that have displays of Waterford Crystal and had a ball looking at EVERYTHING. I would like to buy everything but since I've decided to tote it home myself I made a list and have the U.S.A. prices of the things I want written down in a small notebook. Since I love shopping it's a real treat to do my pre-Ireland shopping in anticipation of my real Ireland shopping. I just can't wait for the real thing!! Thank yuou so much for all your help and tips. Diane

(Community Owner)
04/06/01 2:13 AM

RE: Waterford Crystal

Dear Diane,

You are very welcome! I always enjoy sharing tips with others. It sounds like you are taking to heart the thought that "planning the trip is half the fun". But just wait till you get there. There's nothing like the real thing and Ireland is fabulous. Have a great trip and let us know how it goes.




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