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Post Info TOPIC: Electricity and hair dryers by Irene Lee


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Electricity and hair dryers by Irene Lee
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(4/14/04 10:31 pm)

Electricity and hair dryers

I have 2 questions. I made sure that all the B&Bs we're booked into supply a hairdryer so I don't have to haul one with me. I was remembering my last trip to Ireland 3 years ago when I did take dryer. We stayed in the Hidden Ireland manor houses that were hundreds of years old and electricity put in afterward. I don't know if that was a factor, but I remember my powerful hair dryer being little more than whirl of warm air. I remember from my college physics courses (long ago)that their electricity is dirtier and their electricity infrastructure old, which is why they, and many other countries, use the 230V.
Are the hair dryers in Ireland more powerful than mine with a converter attached? I'm hoping so

My second question is regarding battery rechargers. I have a rapid charger for the batteries in my digital camera that I need to take with me. Has anyone had a problem using these in Ireland. I mean here they only take about an hour to charge. What's the effect on them in Ireland?


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(4/14/04 10:40 pm)


Hi Irene,
My experience last year was that their hairdriers are better than using yours with a converter. I had the experience that the power of mine with a converter is greatly diminished. I don't know if this is universally true, or just random.
I too have made sure all my b&bs have hairdriers so I don't have to take mine with me. Of course, my mom insists on her curling iron, so I will still be bringing the converter.

Good luck!


Irene Lee
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(4/14/04 10:54 pm)

Re: Elec.

I took my curling iron on that last trip too. It NEVER got more than slightly warm. Totally useless. Thanks.

Michele Erdvig
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(4/15/04 12:06 am)

Re: Electricity and hair dryers

Hi Irene,

You are much better off using the hair dryers at your lodgings in Ireland. I have destroyed various American ones over the years. Sometimes they hardly blew at all and one was like blow torch. I was afraid I would set my hair on fire! It is so nice that most B&Bs, guesthouses and hotels now have hair dryers in the rooms. And if you don't see one in yours be sure to look in the drawers. Sometimes they hide them away.

My husband has a battery charger for our camera and it usually takes a couple of hours to re-charge our batteries. I don't think it is a quick-charge one though. No problems using it but you probably need a converter.


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(4/15/04 3:57 pm)


And my sister melted her curling iron, and blew up my travel hair dryer, so you never know. I'd go for the ones made for the local current.

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(4/16/04 5:11 pm)

Re: Electricity

So, being someone who can't do without a blow dryer, I am now convinced the easiest thing to do is to buy one when I get there. This is my first trip - there are obviously no WalMart's so what store, or type of store,would I look for after landing so I could buy one?

Michele Erdvig
Posts: 2433
(4/18/04 12:03 am)

Hair Dryers

Hi pegoode,

Dunnes or Roches stores will have hair dryers. What city are you landing in? There is a small mall in Shannon Town where you can find a hair dryer. Or just ask in any town or at your B&B.


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(4/18/04 8:09 am)


Just want to say that I am so glad that I read this interesting posting. I am just starting to pack. I made sure that B&B's had hair blowers also, but I was planning to take my own hair curler....but after reading Irene Lee's comment about the hair curler only getting slighly warm, maybe I'll just leave it home and have straight hair...:\
Thanks to all....PS....I leave in 3 weeks!! Woo Hoo..:rollin

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(4/19/04 3:46 pm)

Curling Irons

gillespie -
We gave my daughter a "portable (butane)" type curling iron for Christmas last year in Ireland and it worked out great. It uses US cartages, I think its a Braun.

Irene Lee
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(4/19/04 8:41 pm)

Curling Irons

Could explain a little more about these butane curling irons? I have never heard of them. I travel a lot and if it's something that might be useful to me I'd like to get one.

You say they take cartridges?

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(4/20/04 5:15 am)

hair dryer

Thanks Michelle, I'll be buying my hair dryer over there.

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(4/20/04 7:20 am)

butane Curling Irons

Irene -

I'm not one to fuss, so I can't explain too much about them, but since buying this one in Ireland, I've found them (and the cartages) at both Target and CVS.

There's a little cartage (not refillable), that you "stick" into to the bottom of the appliance and you turn it on and it heats up (you can see the little flame inside) quickly and it can get too hot if you leave it on for too long...Note: (read) If you forget to shut it off....:eek

Hope this helps!


Irene Lee
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(4/20/04 11:46 am)

butane Curling Irons

How weird. I'm going to have to check them out.

Thanks for the info!


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