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Post Info TOPIC: Is DUBLIN a delight or a total waste of time? by Melissa2Ireland


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Is DUBLIN a delight or a total waste of time? by Melissa2Ireland
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(8/3/05 2:20 pm)

Is DUBLIN a delight or a total waste of time?

How do you feel about Dublin? Was Dublin full of important experiences for you? Special memories?

Or was Dublin disappointing, did you wish you had spent those days someplace else?

I'm planning our first trip to Ireland. I would love to hear about your special memories or your greatest disappointments in Dublin!

Dublin is wonderful! My favorite place!

Dublin is a must-see.

Dublin has something to offer but isn't my favorite place.

Dublin really sucks, I wasted my time there.

Dublin is dirty and noisy and I couldn't wait to get away.

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(8/3/05 2:59 pm)

Thoughts on Dublin

Argh!! Somehow lost my post!

Okay...We were in Dublin at the end of our first Ireland trip, during which we also spent time in Connemara, Donegal, and Leitrim. We would have enjoyed Dublin much more, I believe, if my SO wasn't getting sick as we arrived and if I wasn't stressing out about finding a way home during the Aer Lingus pilot lock-out.

That being said, we did like Dublin, but I wish we had put it at the BEGINNING of our trip, so we could have post hustle and bustle relaxation time in the country. We are not going back in 2006, but that's because we are focusing on the SW. If we ever do a SE trip, I believe we will spend more time in Dublin.

We loved Trinity College and Book of Kells, liked St. Patrick's Cathedral, thought the Guiness Storehouse tour was well worth it just because it was so fantastically over the top, liked pretend shopping (we had blown our budget), loved a little art gallery named WhichCraft. Our visits to other historical sites were severely hindered by SO's illness. Would like to get back to them. Also did not get to the museums as I had intended. We were also pretty pubbed out by the time we got to Dublin. Had one of those wonderful for no particular reason evenings at a lovely restaurant. We sat for hours, much wine, bonded with other outdoor diners during a brief but heavy rain. Just a lovely night.

It seems many folks are against going to Dublin, preferring to spend more time in the "real Ireland". Well, Dublin is the real Ireland. It's just different than Adare. Chicago is the real US. It's just different than Outing MN. Dublin is not "just another city". It is Dublin. It has its own art, its own parks, its own music. I can't imagine suggesting that since I've been to Chicago, there is no reason to go to NYC or San Fran or...

So, if you WANT time in a city, Dublin has LOTS to offer. If you don't want time in a city, stay away!

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(8/5/05 12:09 am)

Re: Thoughts on Dublin

Debbie, thanks for sharing about your Dublin experiences. It really helps me to picture Dublin better. Sorry about the illness, no fun on vacation for anyone. :x

Michele Erdvig
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(8/5/05 12:41 am)

Re: Is DUBLIN a delight or a total waste of time?


I agree with Debbie. There are many great things to see in Dublin so that is why you go. There is gridlock traffic and a lot of building going on. It can be dirty and noisy which is why I like sleeping in the suburbs and day tripping into the city. It is a busy place. As long as you realize that and are ready for a change of pace I think Dublin will please you for a day or two.


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(8/5/05 12:58 am)

Reply to Michele: sleeping in Dublin

Michele, I appreciate your candid reply. Both positive and negative feedback helps me figure out not only whether I want to see Dublin, but also whether I'd rather stay in the city or in the suburbs.

Right now I'm torn, because I think I'd like to see some things in Dublin, but would sleep better somewhere nearby, like Malahide as you suggested. But on the other hand by staying right in the heart of Dublin, I could visit the sites on foot, or on the hop-on, hop-off bus, which sounds like a great way to see the city. We are also more likely to enjoy Dublin pubs if we stay in the city.

I'm interested to see how anyone else votes on Dublin. By having 2 nights in Dublin I'm taking a night away from somewhere else and I'm trying to see if it's worthwhile.

Michele Erdvig
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(8/5/05 1:49 am)

Re: Reply to Michele: sleeping in Dublin


If you can stay in a hotel with a/c then it won't be so noisy at night cause you can close your windows. Also, it will depend on where you stay in the city. I agree that if you want to experience the nightlife, pubs and walk everywhere then you are better off staying in the city. The Ballsbridge area of Dublin is quieter but if you don't like walking too far you will need to use the bus into the city center from there.


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(8/5/05 7:16 am)


Count me in as a Dublin supporter.
I always felt when you visit Ireland for the first time, you gotta visit Dublin. My wife, Mary and I did.
We enjoyed taking in the cluture, sites and sounds. We spent minimum of 2 days.
Debbie mentioned seeing it in the beginning of your trip, which is how we did it. It became more exciting for the first to say we are in Ireland. Cool. We also hoteled (Jury’s Custom on the Liffy) within the city for ease of getting around, no rental car. That came later for Wicklow and further..

Cons…. Pricey hotels, some clutter, construction trucks and noise to deal with, as with any city.

Pros. Hop on, off bus, Book of Kells Museum at Trinity College, including the Long Room., St Stevens Green, The Temple Bar (live music 4-7pm), Strolling across the Liffy River via the Half-Penny bridge, Dublin Castle, National Museum, Walking along O’Connell St., and dropping in on a number of shops.


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(8/5/05 1:48 pm)

To: Gary, Re: the best sites?

Garyvol, wow, Dublin sounds exciting, :) and I think I'm beginning to get a picture of the, noise, traffic, etc. :\

We will only have 1 full day in Dublin (with 2 nights). Which of the sites you enjoyed would you rate as the best?

Thanks, Gary!

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(8/5/05 9:15 pm)


I landed in Dublin and spent the first four days there. I found it a city of contrasts. Modern, but also very old. Beautiful parks, but also dirty and noisy. It's also very expensive. Like many, I did the hop-on hop-off tour. It's a great way to get familiar with the city and see the majour sites. But then get out on your own and pick from the wide variety of museums, shopping, and cultural experiences that appeal to you most. So much of what you will want to see in Dublin is all fairly close downtown, and walking the streets to get to them is part of the Dublin experience. I think it is best to do Dublin at the begining of a trip, because you can find yourself putting in long days trying to see as much as you can. All in all I did enjoy seeing Dublin, but I was very glad to get out of it and into the country.

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(8/6/05 1:47 am)

To: Anita; Re: Love/hate

Anita, thanks very much for your candid love/hate report on Dublin. It helps a lot. I'm not a big city person, but there are things in Dublin I want to see. I'm getting the idea that, for us, 2 nights in Dublin will be just right.

My original idea was to start out in Dublin to get a sense of the Irish history from the Killmainham Gaol and the National Museum. However I don't wanna start our driving anywhere near Dublin! So we've decided to fly into Shannon and out of Dublin. So we'll turn in our rental car and enjoy our last 2 nights in Dublin without a car.

Sigh...I think we'll miss the countryside and small towns while in Dublin. Can't think what to do about that! I guess I could have a "Plan B" so that, if we hate the city, we can get transportation down to Dun Laughaire for the day.

dublins lovehate
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(8/6/05 6:59 am)


Anita describes the situation quite well. Now for me, when religion/art/ and history are everywhere,
I’m ready. Get me to the Book of Kells, have a snack at their local café or off campus onto Nassau St. This gets you ready for the Art and Natural museums. Great stuff. Following this on your way to St Stevens Green (this will fix your countryside nature craving) perhaps stop at the local pub, a block from the green (forgot the name). Now your ready for Dublin Castle while also stopping at some shops (picked up a great used ring at one shop). Check out Dublin Castle and then hop across the street for an American hamburger/fries fix. Strolled up to Christ’s church for an outside view but skipped St. Patricks (personal Catholic protest). Now we are ready for Thee Temple Bar and good ale/music and good craic with the locals. So that’s it for starters. The city bustles with activity and you need to have the energy for it.
Not sure if I rambled on to much, but past history with Queen Michele’s forum has indicated to her that I did not have a need to kiss the Blarney stone. I do have the jester image of her court to uphold here.
Have a great trip

Ps make sure you know what (7##can’t remember number), where and when to get the bus to the Dublin airport.

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(8/6/05 7:05 am)

dublins love/hate

ooops:eek , just observed that the subject and user names were switched around. sorry.

Michele Erdvig
Posts: 3312
(8/6/05 3:30 pm)

Dublin Plans


Excellent advice from the forums official court jester Gary! Do note that the National Museum is closed on Mondays, unless it is a Bank Holiday.

I think you will be so busy seeing the various sights in Dublin you won't need a quick exit. But if you do consider a day tour to Glendalough in the Wicklow Mountains. Heavenly!


Maggie L
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(8/25/05 9:36 am)

I LOVE Dublin!!

Am way behind on keeping up with this site (my son and grandkids have been visiting all summer and definitely hog the internet!! :b ), so this is a late response to your question about Dublin.

I had only a short time there in '04 ('05 trip was all in Munster), but I liked it so much I have planned out a whole trip around Dublin and the areas just north & south of it.

People have already mentioned many of the great sites and activities available. Part of what I loved about Dublin is that you can walk to many of the places you want to see. It reminded me of Boston in that sense; both are huge cities but much of the historical stuff is centrally located.

Probably most enjoyable for me was just walking around the city, people-watching, talking with folks, and accidently stumbling on cool sites.

I stayed in Dublin (just off O'Connell Street, had no trouble sleeping, and loved being able to walk around Temple Bar in the evening with some friends. It was summer, so the pub doors were all open and we could hear which ones had good music. The streets were full of people and it was all good.

So, yeah, I definitely think Dublin is worth a visit! I loved visiting the West, but cities also have their own energy and appeal.

Hope you have a great trip!



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