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Aran Ilands by erin888
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03/06/01 3:04 AM

Aran Ilands

Dear Michelle,
First let me tell you what a wonderful opportunity you are giving inexperienced travellers to Ireland! Thank you!
I am taking a leisurly trip to Ireland alone and this will probably be my first in a series of questions. I am going to all three of the Aran Islands--5 days each. Is that too much time? Is there any such thing as "too much time" in one place in Ireland?
Thank you, Erin

(Community Owner)
03/07/01 2:16 AM

RE: Aran Islands

Dear Erin,

It's my pleasure to help people with their trips to Ireland. When I was a novice some friends who had been there before helped me. As they say "What goes around, comes around". Now it's my turn to help others.

Now for your question. The Aran Islands are pretty small and you could probably spend less time on each one. But then, it really depends on what you enjoy doing and how much total time you have in Ireland. Time of year might be a factor too. So it depends on many things including your personality. Feel free to post as often as you want and I'm sure we'll get things sorted out for you.

Happy travels,


03/07/01 8:28 AM

Aran Islands

Thank you Michelle! My goal is to spend as leisurly and relaxing a time I can in Ireland!! I have been living in Tokyo for 2 yeasr so the less people and less pollution and tall buildings the better. I will be there for 2 and 1/2 months and this is what my itinerary looks like (this kind of thing must drive you crazy!):
1st night: Dublin
2 nights: Carlingford
4 nights: Sligo
4 nights: Westport
5 nights: Galway
5 nights: Clifden
5 nights: Roundstone
15 nights: Aran Islands
6 nights: Doolin
6 nights: Lisdoonvarna
4 nights: Ennis
3 nights: Cashel, Tipperary
3 nights: Kilbrittain
3 nights: Blarney/Cork
WHEW!! So that's the plan right now. I really don't want to move so much, if you know what I mean. I don't really get bored easily but if you see any major problems with tha please let me know. Thanks again, Erin

(Community Owner)
03/08/01 12:53 AM

RE: Aran Islands

Hi Erin,

Wow--over two months in Ireland! Wish I could get that much time off at one time. I can certainly understand wanting to be "far from the madding crowd" after two years in Tokyo.

Couple more questions:

1. What time of year will you be there?

2. Will you have a car or use public transportation?

3. Will you be hosteling or doing B&Bs, hotels, etc.?

My thoughts so far are:

1. Clifden and Roundstone--they're very close. You might want to do one or the other.

2. Doolin and Lisdoonvarna ditto.

3. You're missing out on the southwest and Northern Ireland. Maybe you could divert some of the days to them.

4. That's a lot of time in the Aran Islands. How about Achill Island?

5. Galway has plenty of tall buildings, traffic and lots of construction going on.

6. My favorite village in Ireland: Kenmare.

That should give you some points to ponder.


03/08/01 4:21 AM

RE: Aran Islands

Hi Michele--you're so fast with your replies--how do you do it??
I've decided that I've had enough of Tokyo so I quit my job and I'm moving back to the States so I figure when am I going to be able to take as much time as I want to travel? Anyway...thank you for your suggestions. To answer your questions, I'll be there from May 1-July 10; I will not rent a car (am I crazy?); and since I'm on a budget I will be doing histels and some B&Bs. I was considering Achill Island and also the Dingle Peninsula. I read that the Dingle Peninsula was full of tourist traps? So now that you recommended Achill, I will try to rearrange some plans. When I spend time in Cork towards the end of my trip I will go to the Beara Peninsula. My Mom is meeting me for the last 2 weeks and she's renting a car so that won't be a big problem.

Thanks again, Erin

(Community Owner)
03/08/01 9:15 PM

RE: Aran Islands

Hi Erin,

I just check my forum a couple of times a day to answer questions (in between finishing the 20001 edition of my book, doing tons of itineraries and answering email questions, etc.). I think it's great that you're taking the time available to travel and you're right--do it while you can.

You can do a lot by public transport but try and travel light since you will have to tote your luggage all over with you (buses, trains, walking). Also think about renting a bike for the day.

I love Dingle. It has some of the best scenery in Ireland and my favorite view at Slea Head. You can avoid the touristy part--just don't take the boat cruise to see Fungi the dolphin and skip Sea World. But do see the Blasket Island Center--very informative. And you might want a trip to the Blaskets.

As for Beara, it's just lovely and off-the-beaten-path.

Then there's County Wicklow....


03/09/01 2:08 AM

RE: Aran Ilands

Thanks again for the tips, Michele. I am still working on it, but I decided to take your advice and spend less time in the Aran Islands and go to Achill Island from (or before) Westport. I also decided to head down to the Dingle Pen. instead of Lisdoonvarna because I relaized I could get there (Lisdoonvarna) from Doolin very easily. I'm trying to leave some things unseen so I have an excuse to return! Erin

(Community Owner)
03/10/01 7:06 PM

RE: Aran Islands

Hi Erin,

Glad to help out. It's good to hear that you are working on a good itinerary and already planning a return trip after this one! The planning stage is half the fun of going.

I really think you'll enjoy Achill Island. It's very scenic with its "Atlantic Drive" and a pirate queen's castle. The Deserted Village might interest you, as well as Minaun Mountain (great views of the whole area from the top). The highest sea cliffs in Europe are located there too!

And sublime Dingle...what more can I say except that a trip to Ireland is not complete without a trip to Dingle!

Once you return I'll be looking forward to hearing how it went.



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