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Post Info TOPIC: The Irish Times, Anti-American by ybilliesue


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The Irish Times, Anti-American by ybilliesue
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(9/26/01 6:25 pm)
The Irish Times, Anti-American

We are to leave for Ireland next weekend and with all the worries about flights, etc. I just happened to come across The Irish Times website. What I read really disturbed me because there was so much talk against "bullying americans" and alot of other cruel things said. I am not sure if you can even answer this unless you are in contact with people there on a regular basis, but will I find ill feelings against us even though we have not done anything? It really disturbed me.

Michele Erdvig
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(9/26/01 9:05 pm)
Irish Times

Dear Susie,

I looked at Thursday's Irish Times online and there were some "editorials" where people expressed their individual opinions about the situation. Some were debating the use of Irish airspace and airport facilities by the United States. I didn't see any references to "bullying Americans" but that could have been in Wednesday's paper, which I didn't see. Keep in mind that newspapers are public forums where various people express themselves and their opinions. This is where people debate different ideas - and the Irish love to debate. You will always see various opinions in Irish and American newspapers.

To set your mind at ease American's are very welcome in Ireland and you will encounter no ill-will. I was in Ireland on September 11, 2001 for the 35th time and the Irish people were as shocked and devastated as we were. All over the country Irish people stood for hours in long lines to sign books of condolences and laid flowers outside the American Embassy. When hearing my American accent perfect strangers stopped me to say how sorry they felt about what had happened.

On September 14, 2001 The Republic of Ireland had a National Day of Mourning for the people who lost their lives in the terrorist attack. They literally shut the whole country down - from pubs to restaurants to schools to government offices to gas stations - everything was closed. On that day I had a very long drive and in every town, village and city I drove through virtually the whole population was at church and people were coming out crying.

The Irish have a close relationship with and affection for Americans and many links to the U.S. With over 44 million Americans of Irish descent how could that be otherwise? I think that even if you ran into someone who had written one of the articles for the Irish Times they would treat you with the kindness and respect typical of most Irish people.

Put your fears to rest and enjoy your trip to Ireland. Let us know what you think upon your return.


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(9/26/01 9:08 pm)
Much friendship and understanding


Please go and enjoy. From my friends that just got back said they ahd a wonderful time and everyone was so supportive. I went to the Irish times site ( and did not find the article you are referencing but did find the 147 pages of condolences and well wishers on the bulletin board for the terrorist attacks. I will admit, there are people in all European countries, that find that US only responds to things like terrorism when it effects us but really didn't have anything to say when it was happening "overthere". Another problem was in the first few days, all europe heard from our govt was war, war war so they thought we would be out their bombing indiscrimately like we did in 1998.

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(9/27/01 6:21 am)
Thanks for the reassurance

I don't know how I found it but it was page after page of opinions on what Pres. Bush said "you are either with us or against us" and after reading several pages I became concerned. I am sure it is a hand full of people who blame us. I just wanted to be reassured that feelings were the same as before this happened in Ireland.
Thank you,

Michele Erdvig
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(9/28/01 12:49 am)
Enjoy Your Trip


I think that what you found was an opinion poll. You can't take to heart everything you see on the Internet. People get especially bold when they are posting anonymously and no one knows their name. They are apt to say things just to play the devil's advocate and get things stirred up on various issues. I've seen people doing that many times online.

So put your fears to rest. Go and enjoy Ireland and the wonderful hospitality of the Irish people. Have a lovely time!

Michele :)

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(9/28/01 4:53 pm)
Re: Enjoy Your Trip

Just to add my 2 cents. Americans are, and always will be, very welcome in Ireland. However, I wouldn't take the editorials in the Irish Times as the views of just a handful of people. Numerous newspapers in the whole of Europe have been saying that the population of the US needs to wake up to the fact that they do live in a big world and that, just because something's happening in Iraq or Macedonia or wherever, that it should still concern them.

Don't get me wrong; there was a huge outpouring of sympathy all over Ireland for the innocent victims of the outrage (we do know how it feels after all, admittedly on a smaller scale). What I'm saying is, that after the initial shock and anger has died down (and the scum who did it have been brought to justice), the US populace needs to get a bit more clued into world events.

We still love ya though :)

Larry W
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(10/10/01 9:52 am)
The Irish Times, Anti-American

I just returned from Ireland and arrived there on Sept 21. I was amazed by how the people of Ireland were concerned about the events in the USA. The previous responses mentioned the day of mourning, etc. You are very welcome in Ireland as an American. Do not give it a second thought.

Michele Erdvig
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(10/11/01 1:41 am)
Re: The Irish Times, Anti-American

Hi Larry,

Thanks very much for adding your comments.


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(10/13/01 12:42 am)

ybilliesue - Editorials in Ireland are much the same as they are in the US.. they are intended, by design, to create a bit of controversy. Put your worries aside.. you're going to LOVE Ireland!


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