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Itinerary for June trip to Ireland by Cheri
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(4/5/04 4:14 am)

Itinerary for June trip to Ireland

I am in the process of creating an itinerary for my parent’s 14 day June trip to Ireland. This is what it looks like so far. The first 3 days and the last 5 days I feel good about. It’s the middle part that gets me.

Day 1 Arrive Dublin at 9:00 A.M. Drive to Carlow town in Carlow Co. Note: anybody know a good restaurant near Dublin airport or on route to Carlow so they can sit down and fuel up before their hour(+) drive? Stay overnight in Carlow town.
Day 2 Check out Carlow (family history connections) Drive to the Old Lorum Rectory located half way between Carlow (incase they need to return) and Kilkenny. Explore nearby villages like Graiguenamanagh and Inistioge or tour KilKenny. Drive or rent bikes. Dinner at B&B. Retire to bed early. Recover from Jetleg.
Day 3 Another night at Old Lorum Rectory. Visit Kilkenny (shop). Maybe take a trip to Waterford to check out the factory.
Day 4 Depart Kilkenny for Kinsale. This will be the Sunday before the bank holiday so the roads should be pretty clear. Maybe visit factory on the way if they did not do so earlier. Stay overnight Kinsale.
Day 5 Kinsale. Visit Blarney.
Day 6 Coastal Road to Kenmare. Leave early and sightsee along the way. Arrive early Evening Kenmare.
Day 7 Kenmare. A few options. Beara. Killarney. The Ring. Play it by ear see what the weather does.
Day 8 Dingle
Day 9 Dingle
Day 10 Dingle
Day 11 Dingle
Day 12 drive/fery to Milltown Malbay in County Clare. See Cliffs of Moher. Doolin.
Day 13 Another night in Milltown Malbay (Berry house) visit Doolin and take a ferry out to Aran Isands or explore the Burran and towns and villages near by like Corofin and Ennis.
Day 14 Depart from Shannon Airport at 1:00 P.M.

My parent are in their 50’s and spunky and everything but I was trying for a more leisurely approach because I don’t think they really want to rush around that much. Unlike me they are not people that need to see all the sights. In fact after supplying my mother with travel books two months ago and urging her to research she still does not even know what ‘the ring of Kerry’ is. I think they could be dropped almost anywhere in Ireland and have a pretty good time. Their only must sees in Ireland that they’ve mentioned are: Carlow (family history), Dingle, blarney /woolen mills, and the Cliffs of Moher. Kinsale and Kenmare they do not need to see I just thought they would be convenient places to stay on route. I am a little concerned though that these two touristy cities one after the other might be unpleasant in early June. They mentioned to me early on that they imagine their trip driving along the coast and staying in fishing villages. Well isn’t this the Ireland that everyone envisions but that does not exist as it used to since tourism replaced fishing? Therefore I was thinking maybe they should spend more time in West Cork which seems more likely to full fill such a vision. I was considering a couple nights in Union Hall/Glandore area. I just cant figure out where to get the days from so that they can still see Blarney.

Couple Questions-
Is 4 nights in Dingle a bit much? They could trim one day here and add it somewhere else. I was thinking about maybe adding another day to County Clare.

I am brainstorming an alternative to Kinsale. A less touristy village nearby where they can visit Kinsale and Blarney but base themselves elsewhere. Maybe Clonakilty or is that to far away? Is Kinsale over rated?

If you actually read this through then bless you from the bottom of my heart. Any feedback would be great.

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(4/5/04 12:22 pm)


Kinsale is a great little town to wander in, and the tour of Charles Fort is quite interesting. Kinsale is also the gourmet capital of Ireland so I'm sure they will enjoy the restaurants. I think four nights in Dingle would be a lot. Why not add a night in some place like Kilkenny as there is a lot to see there other than just shopping. Maybe add a night in Doolin if they are planning to go out to the Aran islands as that is usually an all day trip.

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(4/5/04 2:32 pm)

Itinerary for June trip to Ireland

Thank you for your feedback. I cannot add another day in KilKenny because if I did then they would be leaving on June 7th which is a bank holiday and the roads would be to conjested for thier drive to Kinsale. I could a night in Dingle though. I have thought about that.

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(4/6/04 1:29 am)

Itinerary for June trip to Ireland

I just wanted to update that we have decided to stay 2 nights in Kinsale. So that is no longer in question. Trying to decide between the Gallery B&B and the Lighthouse B&B in Kinsale. Anyone ever been? I think that they both look great!

It seems increasingly likely that the 4th Dingle day will be dropped and I am not sure where to put it. I was thinking maybe two nights in a West Cork Village like Baltimore or Gladmore and then one day in Kenmare. Or two days in Kenmare and three days in County Clare rather than two. Not sure yet. Going home this weekend and will be able to sit down with my parents over a map and some tour books and hopefully come to some conclusions.

Michele Erdvig
Posts: 2412
(4/6/04 1:38 am)

Re: Itinerary for June trip to Ireland

Hi Cheri,

It looks pretty good except I agree with Anita that three days in Dingle will be plenty. I would add an extra day to Kenmare. It is my all-time favorite small town in Ireland. In early June it will not be touristy.

On a Sunday Bank Holiday weekend in Kinsale the town will be jumping with tourists. It is a very picturesque town on a scenic harbor. Had you thought of their staying in Youghal or Cobh instead?



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