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Phone calls to Ireland by scorpio044
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(4/5/04 9:21 pm)

Phone calls to Ireland

I had called a few times to Ireland prior to my trip, as I had to schedule dialysis times with the places over there. GEEZ....Beware of outrageous charges! An average charge for 2 minutes was over $10. Seven minutes was $24.00. All together, I have a $200 phone bill just on charges to Ireland... I read somewhere about Michele suggesting a calling card from a 10-10 # place...Hope you can provide again for anyone else who plans to call Ireland. I dialed direct with my Southwestern Bell service, which I thought would not be that high....Anyway, I wanted to advise anyone calling Ireland...BEWARE! :eek

Michele Erdvig
Posts: 2411
(4/6/04 1:14 am)

Phoning Ireland

Hi scorpio044,

Those charges are outrageous! It is always best to find out in advance what your phone company charges to phone Ireland. I think I would call Southwestern Bell and complain.

The dial-around service that I recommend (not a calling card) is 10-10-297. Then dial 011-353 the area code minus the zero and the number. It is three cents a minute and 39 cents to connect.

Thanks for the heads up on phoning Ireland.


Unregistered User
(4/6/04 8:11 am)

Phone call to Ireland

Another way to save money is to get a temporary International plan on your phone. I know my phone company will add one for around $4.50 a month and calls to Western Europe are around $.18 a minute. You just have to remember to have this service removed when your trip is through!
Not as cheap as 10-10-297, but definitely better than dialing direct from home!
Hope this helps.

Unregistered User
(4/6/04 10:07 am)

Phoning Ireland

I use my AT&T calling card from Sam's to do all of my long distance calling, both domestic and international. Domestic is 3 1/2 cents a minute and Ireland is either 10 or 12 cents a minute. Not bad!

I love my calling card!!


Unregistered User
(4/6/04 11:40 am)

Calling Card

I love my calling card too! It's an MCI Costco card (purchased at Costco, but when the initial $20 runs out you just add more by phone).

It's 3 cents/min for U.S. calls and 12 cents/min for the calls I've recently made to Ireland. No connection charge.

It can also be used to make calls to the U.S from other countries. I'll try this out on my upcoming trip to Ireland.

Both the 10-10 and the calling card are great alternatives to "regular" rates!


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(4/6/04 6:31 pm)

long distance calling card

I, too, love the Costco card. I just called up the service number in advance to get all the proper country codes and procedures. I called several time from home to Ireland, then within the country, from Ireland to home and England home. Never a problem, inexpensive and easy. Also, since I use it for all my long-distance at home (its much cheaper than having a long-distance server), I needed no extra cards or hassles.

Unregistered User
(4/7/04 10:16 pm)

Phone calls to Ireland

I called SWB and they are willing to give me credit on those calls. Apparently, I used a calling card when I should have dialed direct. They said they would compensate me..We'll see....Anyway, the charges were catastophic!..

Michele Erdvig
Posts: 2418
(4/7/04 11:49 pm)

Phone Calls

Hi Scorpio044,

I hope you get your credit. It always pays to complain!


Unregistered User
(4/13/04 4:47 pm)

From Hotel Room or Pay Phone?

I will be in Ireland in June and will need to call home to the U.S. at least a few times. Do these Sam's AT&T and Costco MCI cards work from both a hotel room and a pay phone? Are there cards you can buy in Ireland that might provide a better rate?

Are there surcharges to be aware of either way?



P.S. Michele ... just received your book. It looks great!

Michele Erdvig
Posts: 2428
(4/13/04 5:17 pm)

Re: From Hotel Room or Pay Phone?

Hi Dawn,

I'm glad my book finally arrived. I hope it helps with your travel plans. If you only need to make a couple of calls your best bet might be to drop by an Internet cafe that provides a "call center" and make your call from there. I haven't personally used the Sam's or Costco cards but I have heard feedback that they are both good and people are generally happy with them. They would work from any phone.

Hotel rooms may add a surcharge for calls. Always find out about that in advance to discover the cost.

When I'm in Ireland I prefer to buy a calling card there that has a toll-free number and a PIN, since I can use it from any phone. The only downside is they generally expire in 6 months. If I have time left on my card and won't use it again I leave it with friends in Ireland.


Unregistered User
(4/13/04 7:56 pm)

Where Are Cards Sold?

Thanks, Michele. Where can I purchase the pre-paid phone cards while in Ireland?


Michele Erdvig
Posts: 2429
(4/13/04 11:37 pm)

Phone Cards

Hi Dawn,

The phone cards are available everywhere from the post office to the stores in the airport to newsagents. They come in various denominations from 5, 10, 20, euro and up. If you are only making a few calls the 5 or 10 euro card might suit you.



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