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Gap of Dunloe tour by Mbarnes
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(3/9/04 1:52 pm)

Gap of Dunloe tour

Michele, Is this the best way to incorporate a carriage ride and boat ride? Im not sure if we should attemp this on our own or not. I really want to rent the row boat at Ross Castle and row to island(Istfallen??) Can we still do this if we are on the tour.

Would you still do a jaughting car ride? Is it any different?

Just wondering what options we have to "Do the Gap"

We will be in Killarney 3 days. 1 day I wanted to spend driving to Waterville and back but the rest was to enjoy the National Park.

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(3/9/04 2:24 pm)

Gap of Dunloe Tour

I did the gap of Dunloe twice, once in March and once in August.

Both times I made reservations with my B&B, the Mystical Rose. The first time in March, we did the jaunting car, the baot ride and were picked up by the people that dropped us off. The only problem can be at the jaunting car area. They try very hare to "rip you off" to be polite. They will tell you you need another cart etc. Four people can fit, but 4 adults don't fit very comfortably.

The second time my son and I walked the entire time, had plenty of time to take pictures, (It was during the heat wave last summer, and it was EXTREMELY hot) and still had plenty of time to make the boat for the ride back.

The jaunting car people tell you all sorts of things "you'll miss the boat, I'll take you there for 20 euro, etc."

As a selling point, they do point out interesting things and give you a general history of the area.

The jaunting car ride at Muckroos House leaves from Killarney town and goes into the front of the house where they leave you.

I hope this helps. Killarney National Park is beautiful, and the boat ride itself is worth the price of the trip.

have fun,

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(3/9/04 3:13 pm)


I did the Gap tour last year in April and quite enjoyed it. It was the slow season but there was four of us who wanted to take the jaunting car on the other side. Your other option is to rent bikes. You can take them in the boat. I met one girl at the hostel who walked through and got quite lost, and wet as it was raining quite a bit when I was in Killarney so pack rain slickers. The jaunting car is a little tight with four people, but you can easily walk along with the cart and get in for the steep parts. I did notice the price of the cart ride went up two euros from start to finish. This trip was quite an adventure for me if you want to read my trip report in the I'm Back section.

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(3/9/04 5:46 pm)

Re: Gap of Dunloe tour

I think the Gap tour is excellent, but I'm not sure I would do the jaunting car again. It's my understanding that you can do it in both directions. The boat ride through the lakes is great, but Lough Leane can get pretty rough. I don't know about rowing out to Innisfallen Island, but I guess you've looked into it. I know you can take tours there.

I saw a few people doing the tour on a bike and they all had to get off and walk. There are some steep climbs. The jaunting car I took had room for four, but we had to get out and walk at the steeper points because the horse couldn't make the climb. I preferred the walking.

I just stumbled across this website and it has some great information in it. Give it a look. The panorama pictures are very cool.


Michele Erdvig
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(3/9/04 6:00 pm)

Killarney Tours

Hi Mbarnes,

There are several different ways you can approach touring the Gap of Dunloe.

1. Take an organized tour. You are bused to the gap where you then negotiate a price for either horseback riding or a jaunting car. This is not included in the tour price. You can also choose to hike, which is free. The boats meet you at a designated area and take you back over the lakes to Killarney. The bus picks you up and either drops you at your B&B or wherever you began.

2. Drive yourself out to the gap. Take horses, a jaunting car, bikes or hike into the gap and back to your car.

You can then go to Ross Castle and rent a boat to row out to Innisfallen Island around the lakes.

There are also boat tours that you can take from the castle.

A note about the jaunting cars in Killarney town. I actually prefer to go to Muckross House, park my car and then hire a jaunting car in front of the house. They will take you around the Muckross estate, Killarney National Park, Torc Waterfall, Old Weir Bridge and other places and bring you back to the house. They will wait while you visit the other sites and also provide narrative.

Tip: Always negotiate the price and where you will go in advance with the drivers. If you find you don't like the driver you are talking to, go on to the next one. The more you hesitate the lower the price will go.


P.S. I went by horseback and wouldn't do that again. The horses definitely had a mind of their own and knew that my husband and I knew nothing about riding. They were rogues!

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(3/10/04 1:12 pm)

Gap of Dunloe

Thanks everyone for all your information. There is so much I want to see of the park, but it does seem rather confusing. I don't think we would mind hiking a little but I dont think we would be able to do all the sites by foot.

So let me ask this, If I took a jaugting car from Kate Kearneys Cottage I could negotiate a trip to see Aghadoe, Torc Waterfall and go threw the gap? And We could get out and explore and return to the Jaunting car?

Then drive myself to Ross Castle and Do the Boat trip and return to Ross Castle?

It just seems a little overwhelming. The park is what I'm looking forward to most and dont want to miss anything.

In addition we want to explore Muckross Gardens.
Can This all Be fit into a day?

Thanks again for everyones help.

Mary Ellen

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(3/10/04 3:48 pm)

Gap of Dunloe

Hi, Michelle!
I'm confused about the Gap of Dunloe tour, too. If we choose to walk to the lake instead of taking a tour bus, how far is the walk? Is it steep or difficult walking? (It sounds as though you have to walk the steep parts anyway.) If we drive to Kate Kearney's cottage and then hire a jaunting car, how would we get back to our car? Hire another jaunting car after the boat ride? (I assume that if you take the tour, the bus picks you up from the lake). Like Mary Ellen, I want to see many other things in the park, and I'm not sure of the best way to do it. Take the tour and then hire a jaunting car to see other sights in the park separately, either the same day or the afternoon we arrive in Killarney? (We'll have two full days, but one would be for driving the Ring, plus we have some time the afternoon we arrive, and we could allow some time the day we leave as well. Muckross House needs to be in there, too.)
I'd appreciate any suggestions!

Unregistered User
(3/10/04 4:46 pm)

Gap of Dunloe

Carolyn, I logged on with the same additional ??? How do you get back to your car if you dont take a tour Bus. From what I've read and the maps I have, The boat ends at Ross Castle and couch takes you back to somewhere in Town. Where ever you started from.

Thanks for asking the questions!

Mary Ellen

Michele Erdvig
Posts: 2276
(3/11/04 12:19 am)

Re: Gap of Dunloe tour

Hi Carolyn & Mary Ellen,

I think that the following narrative will tell you all about the organized Gap of Dunloe Tour: This tour takes all day. As you see it is seven miles to the boats. The road is okay but is steep at times. If you have the time I would suggest the tour since it simplifies getting there and back.

Also, take a look at this map so that you will know where the various sightseeing venues are:

Mary Ellen, Since you have only one day this is what to do:

1. Drive to Muckkross House. Visit Muckross House, Gardens & Traditional Farms

2. Hire a jaunting car in front of Muckross House to take you around the estate and to Torc Waterfall and Muckross Abbey. It will drop you off at the same place you started. (You can also see these things by driving to them and then walking a bit.)

3. Drive out to the Gap of Dunloe. Park your car at Kate Kearney's Cottage. You can see some of the gap from there. If you have time, walk a mile or so in and walk back to your car. Or you can choose to take a jaunting car into the gap and then turn around and come back to your car. You will not have time to do the boats.

4. Drive up to Aghadoe for the ruins and viewpoint.

I hope that simplifies things!


Unregistered User
(3/11/04 4:59 pm)


Thanks Michele, It does seem a bit clearer now. Perhaps we can split things up and do some on the day we arrive from Dingle.

I will have to decide If it is worth it to do the entire tour or try the do it yourself way. (That actually seems more fun.

Thanks again

Michele Erdvig
Posts: 2284
(3/13/04 1:41 am)


Hi Mary Ellen,

Actually, you can probably do quite a bit if you arrive in Killarney from Dingle by noon. You could go out to Ross Castle and take a tour, then rent a boat to row on the lake. Or if you are feeling lazy take the boat tour. You might even fit in a walk around Muckross Gardens. Just depends on your timing.



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