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Irish Weather by Mbarnes
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(4/13/04 2:24 pm)

Irish Weather

Okay, I know Irish weather is hard to predict so when I look at the forcast and its says 100% chance of rain is this all day rain like we have here in New England or do I have hope for some sun. Its been rather gloomy here in CT. I'm hoping for the best.

Michele Erdvig
Posts: 2427
(4/13/04 5:06 pm)

Re: Irish Weather

Hi Mary Ellen,

The only certainty about the Irish weather is its unpredictability. Generally, you will get showers followed by sunshine followed by showers, all day.


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(4/15/04 8:19 am)


mbarnes, the weather is not nearly as bad as i thought it would be. We went in October so it was cooler but we both bought light weight jackets that were cute but rain repelent. Of course we brought umbrellas but only used them once. I'm from the midwest and when it rains, it rains. But, this is "soft weather" and you realize why they call it that when you get out in it. Once, you couldn't even feel the rain but we got into the car and our jackets were wet - weird.
Just remember this one word - layers:rollin

Unregistered User
(4/15/04 4:06 pm)


Thanks. I actually used your discussion of packing from last year as my packing list. Yes I bought the melatonin, and the space bags,and the wet wipes. I also got Airborn(suppose to keep you from getting a cold on the plane). We are in the final count down. Leaving Monday. The bags are almost packed. And I'm already too excited to sleep. A special thanks to everyone here. I will give you a run down of our adventures when we get back.

Unregistered User
(4/15/04 4:14 pm)


Here's an idea we came up with to keep from schlepping the big suitcase up the stairs every evening. Take a smaller bag that will fold into the big one, and every other night take in the big suitcase and pack the stuff you'll need for the day after tomorrow in the small bag; then you can just carry it in on the odd days. That doesn't seem to make much sense: Monday evening take in big bag, pack Wednesday's clothes in the small bag and take it in on Tuesday evening. Or you can stand out in the carpark and repack your big bag into a small one every evening like one of my silly sisters did.

Unregistered User
(4/16/04 2:39 pm)


I did try to pack 1 suitcase for ever 2 days for all 4 of us. I'm only packing 7 days worth of clothes. Thant didn't work. Your suggestion sounds better. I am actually checking in an empty suitcase.

Unregistered User
(4/16/04 8:06 pm)

hair dryers

Mary Ellen,

I got my hairdryer in Dunnes in Cork, but they have stores in all the cities (look for Roches, too). We were in an older B&B in Avoca once when I forgot to use the convertor. I blew the fuses at the B&B and burned up my hairdryer. That was in 95, and I am still taking that "Irish" hairdryer on these trips! (It works much better than my usual one at home.) I bought a curling iron in Boots in London and take it along, too.

We try to take a duffel bag in one of our big bags to stuff with purchases. I stock up on tea, and instead of bringing home the boxes all smashed, put the tea bags in plastic bags, which can be smushed into any available space in my bags. (Michele, did I learn that here or did Nuala Duddy tell me to do that??!)

I am so jealous!!! Have a great trip!

Irene Lee
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(4/16/04 9:06 pm)


An empty suitcase...I'm laughing at the thought of a TSA agent opening it to find absolutely nothing :rollin

It's a great idea, though. I also like the idea of packing a duffel bag into the larger suitcase. I usually end up buying a suitcase/bag wherever I am to fit all the stuff I buy.

Unregistered User
(4/17/04 2:51 pm)

empty suitcase

I have to say. I would live to see them when they check the bag. ???? can I bring my kids favorite snack items like goldfish/ granola bars and the like into Ireland. I just assumed I could but perhaps I should have checked.

I'm doing the final packing now. I'm not even going to bring a hairdryer. I made sure I got a short travel "do" last week and my daugher still wears pony tails.

Oh, one more questions. My daughter and I love to get manicures and pedicures. I thought It would be neat to get it done over there. Nail salon are rampant around here. Does anyone know about over there.

Irene Lee
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Posts: 32
(4/17/04 6:24 pm)


I'm so jealous! I still have to wait 3 months!

When I was in Ireland 3 years ago, there were spas being advetised and I remember seeing beauty salons with manicure/pedicure facilities in Dublin, Cork and, and Galway. I don't remember seeing any in the little tiny townlands of the midlands.

I can't remember where you said you were staying, but almost all the B&Bs that I looked at (I swear it was hundreds!)advertised that they had hair dryers in the rooms. Even if they don't, it wouldn't hurt to ask the lady of the house if she has one you could borrow. I mean it's not like you're asking to use her toothbrush :D

I took assorted snacks when we went. I think the only thing they confiscate is fruit and meat products. But even then beef jerky is processed meat. We had no problems. We have also never, ever been searched through customs.

Have a safe trip and I hope you have a blast!

Michele Erdvig
Posts: 2434
(4/18/04 12:15 am)

Packing, Maincures and Other Assorted Topics

Mary Ellen, Snacks like goldfish and granola are fine. They are processed foods. It is raw things like fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, cheese, etc. that you shouldn't bring. In the smaller towns you can get a manicure or pedicure at beautly salons. Just ask your hosts or at the tourist office and they will point you in the right direction. Have a great trip!

Allison, I think it must have been Nuala that gave you the tip about packing tea. I do recommend taking assorted sizes of zip-lock bags for various uses. That is on my packing list in my book. I also take a couple of garbage bags (kitchen size and large size) for laundry, etc. And since Ireland charges for plastic bags at the stores I take a few from my local grocery store to use. All these things take up no room and have so many uses.


Unregistered User
(4/22/04 5:39 pm)

packing - cosmetic bag "stuff"

Just a reminder to put your nail clippers, tweezers, and such "weapons" in your checked baggage. It WILL get taken from you at the airport if you have it in your carry-on.

Unregistered User
(4/22/04 10:07 pm)

packing - cosmetic bag "stuff"

Nothing new there--that's been the case for a couple of years now.

Registered User
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(4/25/04 10:05 pm)

Re: packing - cosmetic bag "stuff"

We are in the 4 week countdown for our trip. I've decided not to bring my hairdryer because every place we'l be at will have one there. But I also need my curling iron :D
I guess the best bet is to buy one over there, then? Or would a converter be okay? I don't want to blow anyone's fuses :rolleyes
I also saw on a short trip with a friend to a nursing conference in Savannah this week that I need to rethink our suitcases. Our two took up alot of room in the trunk of my Passat. There will be four of us sharing a similar sized car. I think I need help! Can someone give actual numbers of what things they've packed? We will be gone 12 days.
Love this board! I've been lurking more than posting, but still learning so much...I hope to post a trip report once home.

Michele Erdvig
Posts: 2455
(4/25/04 11:32 pm)

Pack Light!

Hi Loretta,

I'm glad to hear that you are enjoying my forum and posting when necessary. If you have my book you have my famous (or infamous) packing list. I go to Ireland for a month with one small roll-around (that fits in the overhead or under my seat) and one tote. You must be organized. Also, you don't need to bring 12 days worth of clothes. Do laundry halfway through your trip. Then you only need six days. Mix and match and color coordinate. Remember that Ireland is a very casual place and you can go most places in slacks and a sweater. Also, only your friends will know that you are wearing the same two pairs of pants or four blouses (not at the same time of course). ;) Since you will probably move on every couple of days the Irish need never know how little you have brought. And bring things that resist wrinkles. You might want to follow one of the suggestions above about buying a butane curling iron here.



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