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Post Info TOPIC: Well -- THIS Was Totally Unexpected!


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Well -- THIS Was Totally Unexpected!

As I have repeatedly posted over the years, my Mother's family extended in a line of New England Yankees that trace back to the Mayflower.  beyond that, the key family names (Maternal and Paternal) were Norman and Saxon, respectively.  My Father's family came to the USA from North-Western Italy (the Piedmont area) -- although, family tradition suggested that they were 'blow-ins' from France that fled religious persecution (the St Bartholomew's Day Massacre?).

Our 'Irish Connection', therefor, has always been based upon my wife's Paternal Line (from which, BOTH her father's parents were born and raised in County Cork).  I have always held that I carried not a single DROP of Irish blood.  I have comprehensive family tree data that extends back, a few hundred years -- both Paternally and Maternally.

So -- when my wife gifted me with a 23andme DNA test this past Christmas, I had a pretty clear expectation of what to expect -- and the INITIAL results didn't surprise:

European 100%
Northwestern European 86.0%
French & German 35.9%
British & Irish 23.5%
Scandinavian 1.1%
Broadly Northwestern European 25.4%
Southern European 11.0%
Italian 3.8%
Iberian 3.7%
Broadly Southern European 3.5%
Broadly European 3.0%

My Paternal haplogroup (DNA from my Father's line) is identified as R-P311 and I share it with 1 out of every 35 of all 23andme clients -- and, here's where it DID get shocking, though -- 

  "You share a paternal-line ancestor with Niall of the Nine Hostages!"   

Maybe, the 'something about Ireland that appeals' actually has a genetic cause???????

Makes me need to RETHINK that whole, 'Accidental' Baptism I inadvertently underwent at Knock!!!!    biggrin  biggrin  biggrin  biggrin  biggrin 



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Does this mean you have to drop the "Italian" Chauffeur tag ? confuse

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Two rules for Ireland, Take your time & bring a sense of humour 


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As a totally mixed up American myself, I welcome you to the "mutt" gene pool.    If they reinstate a kingship in Ireland you will have a shot at it (along with millions of others!). I really should do mine too as well as my husband's. He hails from Norway but I wouldn't be surprised if he was part Irish too. 

Tony, Did you ever notice that Bob spelled Italian wrong? 


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Michele I'm a little Dyslexic, I just guess half the words anyway, don't ask me to spell something??


Two rules for Ireland, Take your time & bring a sense of humour 

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